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Learn the Art of Fencing Team Day For Hire

2hrs Activity - (suitable for 5 – 100 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

Fencing provides a unique mix of physical, intellectual and emotional stimulation. Unlike many other sports it's very sociable and still carries notions of honour, chivalry and nobility. Many of history's most famous names have embraced the art. Caravaggio and Voltaire, Byron and Marx, Churchill and recently Madonna all visited fencing salle or took private lessons. You will be surprised how a few of hours of intense swashbuckling will have a fascinating effect on team dynamics!


Fencing teaches you how to cope under pressure, develops anticipation, timing and concentration - qualities crucial for any company or business. And yet, it's great fun, good exercise and the most memorable experience.

Our concise but intensive fencing workshop includes:

  • A brief history of fencing with demonstration using original weapons
  • Fencing footwork including stretching exercises and games
  • Bladework: thrusts and cuts, parries and deceives
  • Rules and courtesy of a fencing bout
  • The tournament: either individual or team event with a Grand Final!

This activity is suitable for anyone aged 16 and above, male or female, right or left handed! All necessary fencing equipment is provided, but we advise that you wear casual clothing and trainers.

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