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Festive Quest Team Building Event For Hire

A fun, festive team building event where teams compete against each other in some Christmassy activities. Teams visit different activity areas where an instructor will set them a Christmas themed team building challenge. Points are awarded depending on teams’ performance in the challenges and at the end of the event, the team with the most points will be crowned the winner.

Although flexible, the standard format includes up to 5 of the following activities, run in 20-30 minute sessions:

BIG Piano - Teams learn to play ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ on our giant walk on floor piano!

Jingle Bells - Teams co-ordinate themselves to play a Christmas tune on the hand bells.

Tree-mendous - Teams follow instructions from team mates in order to assemble and decorate a Christmas tree whilst blindfolded!

Christmas Cake -Teams design and decorate their own Christmas cake.

Brain Freezers - Teams must work together to solve some Christmas themed team building puzzles including the Present Pyramid Puzzle and the Christmas Robbin’ mystery game where teams solve the mystery of who stole the Christmas presents.

Christmas Cardie - Teams are given a plain jumper and some fabric pens and must design the worst Christmas jumper they can think of!

Balloon Modelling - Teams master the art of balloon modelling before creating balloon reindeers, sleighs and Santas!

Reindeer - Teams must make the tallest free-standing reindeer using only newspaper and sellotape. Random? Yes, but not as easy as it sounds!

Christmas Fairy - Teams design and create a fairy outfit, fit for the top of the tree, out of recycled materials.


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