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The Giant Bridge Build Team Building For Hire

2hrs to 2.5hrs Activity - (suitable for 20 – 100 guests - Outdoors)

Why Build a Bridge?

This project will require delegates to focus on working together and to apply the necessary skills in order to come up with the solutions to construct the bridge – planning, creativity and teamwork. This activity ensures that delegates cannot simply fall back on prior experience of similar problems, but must focus on creating innovative solutions through good working practice. Seeing the final construction will fill the team with an overwhelming sense of achievement.

How It Works

The team will be required to construct a 30ft bridge from scratch across imaginary water, which represents the groups’ business objective. The build will highlight the different characteristics required from the team members to achieve their goal. This allows the team to reflect on the role they played, and the skills they implemented during the construction process.

The Team

The team will be required to think, plan and manage every aspect of the project including the build itself, management, support and domestic duties. They will discover what role each individual plays in the activity and how this relates to the qualities they bring to their team and ultimately your organisation.

For large teams: In addition to the bridge build the team will have to construct a support marquee and organise services to keep the entire team fed, watered and motivated. These support roles can also bring the entire team together for final celebrations and a BBQ to celebrate the success of the project.

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