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Green Machines Eco Team Building Days For Hire

2 – 3 Hour Activity - (suitable for 20 – 200 people, indoors or outdoors)

Throw away the engine and save the world, it’s the obvious answer! In this green event the brief is to build an eco friendly, city “run-around” to address the increasing dilemma of CO2 emissions.

This activity has something for everyone and combines creative design along with construction and lots of team work! It is also well suited to many conference messages that are keen to have an eco friendly activity to support green business messages.Supplied with blueprints for vehicles that run without engines, each team must firstly decide which vehicle they wish to build… rickshaw, chariot, or cabriolet? Your task is not only to build them but to decorate and race them as well!

We provide a well stocked workshop with a range of recyclable materials from sheets of cardboard to inner carpet “tubes” plus a range of fabrics and accessories for decorating the finished product. We also give the teams the tools they need to cut, trim and build their chosen vehicle as well as support staff to help them along the way – all the teams need to bring is the inspiration!

As the finale to this fantastic team building activity the teams must test their creations against each other in the ‘final race off’ with one volunteer on board. As vehicles start to loose their decorations and get rather rickety teams realise their vehicles will need constant work and pit stops to get through the heats to the final. The team that will be crowned ‘Green Machine Champions’ will be the creator of the vehicle that can really go the distance and come out on top in the final race off!

What Is Included

  • Site preparation and technical coordination with venue staff
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / services
  • Firebird instructors
  • Team prizes
  • Tools and equipment
  • Equipment workshop
  • Safety wear as required ie gloves, goggles
  • Design workshop
  • Blueprints

Our Requirements

Teams need to work on the floor for construction and have enough room either indoors or outdoors for the race off.

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