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iPad Treasure Hunt Team Building Activity For Hire

2 – 3 hour activity - (suitable for 20 – 400 people)

If you are looking for a great way to get your guests out into the fresh air enjoying a fantastic competitive action packed team activity then our iPad treasure hunts are the perfect choice. Based around your chosen location we will create a bespoke high tech treasure hunt that incorporates team work, planning, competitiveness and lots of creative fun! Following an initial brief from our event manager your teams will receive their iPads which will contain all the information they will require to complete the task of the treasure hunt which is completely software based.

With the use of our dedicated app we are able to provide a cutting edge high tech treasure hunt like no other. During the treasure hunt, teams compete in an enjoyable and creative atmosphere working together to find the challenges that await. The event includes a combination of solutions from cryptic and pictorial clues with photographic and landmark related challenges all of which inspire a spirit of teamwork and maximum fun, keeping everyone fully occupied. The ultimate aim of treasure hunt is to be the team with the most points gained from correct clues and challenges that await them. With the use of our iPads teams will need to use the interactive map and plan their route before embarking on their adventure. Only when the teams arrive at a ‘Hot Spot’ will the challenge or question appear on the iPads so there is no time to waste and cheating is impossible!

At various locations around the treasure hunt area teams may have to report to staffed checkpoints at allocated times and successfully carry out photographic, video and augmented reality challenges! When all the teams return to the final check point at the end of the event, they will be awarded additional points according to their overall performance. There is no set route to your treasure hunt however teams must factor in time, route plan and work out their strategy to make the most effective use of their time. Poor planning can lead to an inefficient route and the wasting of valuable minutes and points!

What is included: Branded iPads for each team, real time score board, messaging & Interactive maps, challenges are only activated when you arrive at the destination, spy in other teams locations via GPS tracking, communicate with HQ & be the first to answer special tasks, location specific questions, option to include branded challenges and questions, vent host  & prizes. The treasure hunt can also incorporate: helicopters, mini cars, limousines, boats or taxi’s.

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