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Mission Excellence Red Arrows and Fighter Pilot Seminar / Workshop For Hire

2hrs to 4hrs Activity - (suitable for 5 – 300 guests, Indoors)

Programme Overview

Former Red Arrow and fighter pilot presenters and facilitators will deliver a high-impact and memorable teambuilding event which offers a unique insight into the pursuit of excellence and high-performance teams. This development seminar incorporates high-impact multi-media presentations, an interactive mission planning exercise and tangible and relevant learning about teamwork and high performance.

What Can Mission Excellence Teach Us

Just like many people in large organisations, a fighter or Red Arrow pilot has to deliver results in a world characterised by ambiguity, imperfect information and conflicting priorities. They work as part of clearly defined line management but actually do their day job as part of a matrix cross-functional team, often working withther individuals and teams over whom they have no line authority, and who may be in fact be sharing their time with other users of their services. The environment they work in requires agility since the one thing you can guarantee on a fighter mission is that ‘no plan survives first contact with the enemy.’ Execution must be carried out in a world where it is only possible to control a small number of the variables. The weather, correct functioning of advanced technology, changes in the strategic situation, and the independent wills of your own team, never mind ‘the bad guys’, are just some of the factors which make flawless execution of a pre-conceived strategy or plan often both impossible and irrelevant. Ultimately the only relevant measure of success is our ability to deliver outcomes or effects; we execute the mission, not just the plan.


The objective of the seminar is to introduce the processes and behaviours employed by fighter pilots to deliver exceptional mission execution in dynamic high-pressure environments, introducing delegates to tangible tools which can be implemented back in the workplace.

Core Concepts

The focus of this Mission Excellence programme is on the development of outstanding leadership, teamwork and execution skills, ensuring operational excellence in all areas. A variety of models and techniques are explored, including the following key areas:

  • SELF – The behaviours, attitudes and professional standards which we individually bring to the party
  • BEHAVIOUR  – The behaviours which drive the team dynamics and performance of groups who often actually work together
  • CAPABILITY – The processes to achieve alignment across function, location or culture in virtual or matrix teams
  • LEADERSHIP – Getting things done; empowerment rather than control; values and behaviours in action
  • PLAN – Developing plans which focus on what will be truly important in delivering decisive success
  • BRIEF – How we achieve clarity, alignment, and where we set the professional standard
  • EXECUTE – Exceptional delivery in high pressure dynamic environments – the ability to focus under pressure
  • DEBRIEF – Where the rubber hits the road on making continuous improvement a reality

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the session your delegates will leave engaged, excited, and empowered with relevant learning on the following key themes;

  • Operational excellence and exceptional performance
  • The ability to learn through debriefing as a driver of operational performance
  • Organisational team alignment and execution
  • Cross-functional team-working with clarity and common purpose

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