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Mission Impossible Team Building Event For Hire

2 – 4 Hour Activity - (suitable for 20 – 200 people, indoors or outdoors)

“Good morning Teams. It has recently come to light that hidden deep within the fabric of our society lies an individual with the capacity to cause great harm to our nation. MI5 have a short list of 12 suspects and have asked for our help to discover the identity of this ‘Mole’…"

During this activity teams will encounter tactical tasks and will need to implement strategic thinking as they try to solve the mission and discover the identity of the ‘Mole’. At the start of the mission each team is given a secret dossier including 12 to 20 tasks (the number of tasks included depends on the time available for the event). This dossier is an integral part of the challenge and contains encrypted clues, coded information and hidden ciphers, all of which are revealed as the mission unfolds. The teams may also encounter taped messages, invisible writing and key codes along the way!

The core mission is based around a series of outdoor and indoor challenges that the teams must undertake such as River Crossing, Unstable Solutions, Safe Crack, GPS orienteering and Contaminated to name a few.

As each task is successfully completed our Special Agents will stamp the team packs as ‘Mission Accomplished’. The information the teams gather throughout the mission will allow them to gain access to the ‘Special Agents Dossier’ which details the profiles and names of the potential ‘Moles’. They will then have to use the information gathered previously to reveal the name of the ‘Mole’. It’s subtle, it’s clever and teams need to think it through… but is it IMPOSSIBLE?!

What Is Included

  • Site preparation and technical coordination with venue staff
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / services
  • Firebird instructors
  • 12 -20 challenges with all equipment
  • Team briefcase with team pack and recorded message
  • Special Agent winners caps

Our Requirements

Whilst this activity can be run indoors it is best suited to an outdoor location as we need plenty of space for the challenges.

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