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Olympiad Team Building For Hire

45min to 3hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 400 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

Olympiad is ideally suited to a fast moving environment where lots of activity and team competition is required. This activity has been specially constructed to suit meetings and conferences with an Olympic or sporting theme - it can also be used as a stand alone event for departmental or company away days. So if you fancy setting your teams the ultimate Olympic challenge then Olympiad is the activity for you...


With 75 Olympic inspired challenges before them the teams have to choose which tasks they wish to tackle. With challenges ranging from mini curling, singing the Olympic anthem and painting the Olympic logo. Teams will also encounter a range of photo missions and a plethora of other tasks, including conundrums and quizzes.

Teams will compete in the challenges to win fun money and if successful they will be awarded the appropriate amount by our event instructors. Olympiad is not quite as easy as it seems because although we provide the majority of the equipment required to tackle the tasks teams may find that they don’t have everything required… that’s where their initiative comes into play!

Olympiad is a very flexible activity to run and requires very little in the way of set up or venue requirements. This activity is best suited to a half day of 2-3 hours but is flexible enough to be worked in to most timetables and can be done as an ice breaker in 45 minutes if required.

What Is Included

  • Site preparation and technical coordination with venue staff
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / services
  • Firebird instructors
  • Team prizes
  • Team kits
  • Fun money
  • Tools and equipment
  • Digital cameras for each team
  • Vast supply of games and conundrums
  • Equipment to do the majority of the challenges!

Our Requirements

  • Minimum of 1 x 5ft round table per team
  • 6 – 10 2 x 6ft rectangle tables for materials area


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