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Pimp My Desk Team Building Activity For Hire

2hrs – 3.5 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, Indoors or outdoors)

Bringing a new meaning to the office phrase “customise your desktop”! Some fun, creative and relaxing challenges where teams produce items that they can take back to brighten up and personalise their work stations.


Guests can work on their own projects or, as a team building exercise they can work in pairs and find out as much about their partner as possible in order to design and create a personalised item based on what they have learned about them. Projects can be simple or mini works of art, depending on individual’s skills and creativity, and for these not particularly artistic, we have plenty of hints and “cheats” to ensure that everybody can produce projects to be proud of.

  • Mug Painting (Painting) - Nothing is more sacred in the workplace than the humble mug! Guests design and paint a mug to take back to work with them, and it’s so distinctive that no-one will steal it!
  • Coaster Crafts (Mosaic) -Guests make their own patterns with mosaic tiles to create a customised coaster for their cofee cup.
  • Desk De-Stress (Making) -Guests make their own desk mascot stress toy.
  • Designer Desk Tidy (Making and Decorating) - Guests make and decorate a designer desk tidy.
  • Funky Frames (Decorating, Painting, Decoupage) - Guests decorate a photo frame to keep on their desk. They can either put a photo in it to personalise their workspace, or they can paint the back of the frame with chalkboard paint to create a stylish and re- usable “to-do” list to keep track of jobs and to save paper!
  • Personalised Pencil Case (Sewing, Fabric Painting) - Guests can embroider or sew their own pencil case. Or for those less handy with a needle and thread, there are plenty of fabric paints!
  • Desk Mascot (Clay Modelling)- A friendly face to brighten up any desk! Guests make themselves a desk mascot using clay.
  • Mini Masterpiece (Painting, Drawing)  - Guests paint or draw their own mini masterpiece on a tiny desktop easel! Or for the less artistic, they can simply paint their name on the canvas to make a stylish name plate.
  • Flower Pot Painting (Painting, Decorating, Planting) - Office plants are believed to reduce stress and promote well being. Plus there’s the satisfaction of nurturing them and watching them grow! Guests paint and decorate a flower pot for their desk and then add soil and seeds so they can watch their flowers grow.
  • Nifty Note Pad (Making, Decorating) - Guests produce and decorate their own hand-stitched note pads.
  • Painted Paperweights (Painting) - Guests turn a plain old pebble into a work of art that can be used as

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