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Pit Stop Challenge Team Building Event For Hire

1.5hrs to 4.5hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 100 guests, Indoors or Outdoors)

F1 Teams can change all four wheels in under 2 seconds, this requires perfect choreography, precise timing and close team work. Speed and efficiency are key to the success of a Formula One team. The driver relies on his team to ensure the car is at its peak performance before he gets behind the wheel. Winning the race is not solely based on the driver's ability – changing the tyres, adjusting wings and nose cones, and fixing damage to the car in a timely manner ensure a successful outcome. The pit crew undertake the majority of these activities in a matter of seconds.

Your team is expected to handle your company's new personalised full size F1 car with the same approach as a professional F1 pit crew who can facilitate the changing of all four tyres in under 2 seconds. With focus, team collaboration and leadership we expect you to achieve this challenge in under 10 seconds. Not only is this activity focused on forging better team relations; it is also an extremely fun way to participate in an exhilarating challenge. This experience begins with a briefing on the role of teams in completing a critical assignment with speed and excellence. 

Participants are organised into teams and each role needs to be assigned according to the competence of each team member to ensure a fast, safe and accurate pitstop is achieved. The teams are briefed on safety and tools – you will be using the same equipment that the professionals utilise including high performance air guns (under supervision). Our own F1 pit crew will demonstrate the techniques to change all four wheels on an F1 car as quickly as possible, and then it is over to your team! Over the course of several attempts/rounds your pit crew reduce their time as much as possible. To reinforce the team building and learning outcomes, we can supply crew suits to complete the F1 appearance of your team and F1 memorabilia to be used as trophies or souvenirs for your team's extraordinary day!

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