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Pit Stop Challenge Team Building Event For Hire

1.5hrs to 4.5hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 100 guests, Indoors or Outdoors)

There is no other team activity that requires the precision and speed of an F1 Pit Crew.

To achieve a four wheel change in under 2 seconds demands the very best in Team Work and we help you harness that ability from your team. Best of all, this is a fun learning process!

With three people on each wheel and a handful of mechanics fulfilling other functions, an F1 Pit Crew comprises nearly 20 people. Each is trained for a specific role and teams take their preparation as seriously as drivers, managing crew member's fitness and diets. They are drilled constantly at the factory and at race weekends until the process is instinctive. Not only do they work closely together, but become fast, accurate and can work to crazy deadlines - isn't this what everyone wants from their team?

We bring the excitement, glamour and realism of F1 to your team's day. A full size F1 car, wheels, guns, overalls, gloves and helmets, in fact everything you need to make this an amazing day. It doesn't stop there, we have a close working relationship with a top F1 Team, so we can pass on the inside knowledge of this activity first hand to your own team. Your F1 car can be fully branded to reflect your company colours, logos, strap lines and other specific messages you feel are important. Simply choose a branding package and our design team will do all the hard work for you.

Our Pit Stop Challenge day comprises:

  • A brief history of the development of F1 wheel changes 
  • How this relates to working in any team
  • Assignment of your team's roles
  • A full safety briefing and instructions on how to use the equipment
  • A wheel change demonstration from our own team
  • Timed wheel changes, recording results on a live leader board
  • De-brief and presentations at the end of the day


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