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Spy Inc Corporate Spy Treasure Hunt For Hire

2.5hrs to 4hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 500 guests, Outdoors)

“Good afternoon teams, my name is Carlos, AKA Agent 75 of Spy Inc, we work with the government, not for the Government. In times of crisis we call upon ordinary citizens to undergo extraordinary missions…Today is your day! Here’s your Spy Case and your Mission Access Code. Your mission will be delivered via our secure online site. The rest is up to you. Good luck teams you have 3 hours.”

What is Spy Inc?
SPY INC is a unique, fun, and interactive team development event, designed to test any team's planning, delegation, communication and time management skills, in a creative learning environment.

Where and how do I play?
SPY INC can be carried out from anywhere; offices, hotels, restaurants or even Trafalgar Square, London. After a short mission brief by Agent 75 the game starts by teams logging on from any computer with internet access to our secret spy website for a mission briefing. This brief outlines the scenario, objectives and gives relevant advice and clues. Logging onto the website also manages the team’s time by starting the mission clock which can only be stopped by entering the correct mission solution code - the overall objective of the mission. Teams are then required to take part in the mission at a nearby location by finding and exchanging information with other secret agents on the ground and completing mini missions.

Mini Missions

When a team makes a rendezvous with our spy agent they complete a spy-exchange and are given a mini mission in return. Quite often these are simple tasks that exercise the teams reasoning, planning, delegation and communication skills. For example, a decoder task requires the team to identify eight specific locations, once identified, the location names fill a code breaker box and decode a message. The question is, do the team plan this task, delegate specific roles to each other, or does one individual take the lead and the others just follow? In other words how do they manage their team and time remaining to complete the task efficiently?

The Real Mission Objective
Spy Inc is fun, but the real objective is to present a problem which delegates can resolve as a team, but also to understand and utilise the skills they implemented to combat the problem back in the workplace. If full facilitation is required then from this training example, we can establish a structure upon which the delegates can build and measure their own performance. Or they can simply play for the fun of it! Spy Inc – the game for anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

What Is Included

  • Site visit (if required)
  • Site preparation and coordination with venue staff
  • Full event site plans
  • Firebird event manager
  • Mission briefcases, spies and internet access
  • Spy prizes
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / service

Recent game locations include: London, Bath, York, Bangkok, Paris, Cannes, and Barcelona - for 6 – 600 delegates

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