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Sun and Games For Hire

2hrs – 3.5 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, indoors or outdoors)

Sun and Games is a perfect outdoor activity that involves a range of challenges to bring your teams together. It’s a great team building activity for any size group and ability, which is sure to test everyone’s individual strengths! 


The Challenges:

  • Picnic Puzzles - Teams sit down on the picnic blanket and are served our hamper of puzzles and challenges. They must complete as many as possible in the given time.
  • Bouncy Beach Football - Teams complete a match on space hoppers!
  • Dummy High Jump - The high jump, but not as we know it! Teams must work together and co-ordinate their movements in order to launch the life size dummy high jumper over the bar.
  • Topsy Turvey Tea Party - Teams attempt to serve themselves an afternoon tea picnic whilst wearing inversion goggleswhich make everything look upside down! 
  • English Country Garden  - Teams race in wheelbarrows to water the flowers!
  • Beach Towel Folding - A holiday favourite. Teams make animals out of beach towels.
  • Coastguard Rescue - Coastguards must use the binoculars in order to read out the morse code message. The rest of the team must decipher the morse code to solve the conundrum and save the sailors.
  • Boat Race - Teams cross the “rolling” seas by moving the boat along the rollers!


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