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Sushi Making Workshop For Hire

1hrs – 3 hrs Activity - (suitable for 2 – 100 guests, Indoors)

Sushi has taken Britain by storm over the past few years. Simply look at the supermarket shelves to see how our eating habits have changed and for good reason… Sushi is low in fat, packed full of Omega 3, vitamins and is delicious! Sushi making is a unique experience and a great way to spend a few hours learning some new skills. We can run this activity as a class, or with a competitive edge in which teams have to work together - success will be visible very quickly and build up your guests appetite!

On arrival, your group will be greeted by our Firebird chef and event manager and will enjoy a glass of plum wine. They will then be divided into teams followed by a short history and some facts about sushi. A professional demonstration is given by our chef to include classic and modern sushi such as Fu Maki, Ura Maki (Californian roll), Temaki and Nigirizushi. Guests will also be shown how to cook perfect rice. Then it’s over to the teams to make their own sushi masterpieces from our selection of larder ingredients including; wasabi paste, nori sheets and pickled ginger etc. To round off the activity each team will then be provided with display equipment for them to get creative and come up with the best sushi display! After judging by our chef and the winning team being announced, guests can enjoy the fruits of their labour and eat the delicious sushi that they have made. We will also provide some take away boxes for any leftovers to be taken home for friends and family.

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PDF Download our Sushi Making Team Building Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.