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Tactical And Cryptic Team Building Events

We have an array of tactical and cryptic challenges which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.

Our ‘Cryptic Challenge’ encompasses a number of skills including; physical challenges, puzzle solving and mental tasks which will test communication, teamwork, leadership and co-ordination. This activity is perfect for groups with mixed abilities as there really are challenges to suit everyone – from those who have a mathematical prowess through to those with musical abilities! We can even tailor these sessions by incorporating your chosen activities to meet your objectives ensuring you get the best result. You may also want to consider other tactical activities such as; ‘Rollercoaster’ where teams work together to build a seamless track for a ball to roll down - hopefully to the end! Or ‘Collective Solutions’ where teams encounter a number of tasks, taking responsibility for carrying on the work of the previous team and handing over to the next… communication is key!

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