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The Cube Team Building Event For Hire

2 – 3.5 Hour Activity - (suitable for 10 – 100 people, indoors)

Enter the visual and dramatic teambuilding experience of 'The Cube’. Complete with a host and an inflatable cube, contestants work in teams to face a series of nail-biting challenges. 

Teams will get a chance to practise a number of different ‘Cube’ activities, before picking their best player to take on ‘The Cube’. Will your team crumble under the pressure? Do you have the nerve, determination and skills required? Can you beat ‘The Cube’?


A sample of the challenges that teams will face, include the following:

CALCULATE: Several red squares will flash on the projector in front of the contestant row by row. The contestant

must add up the number of squares that flashed.


SQUARES: A number of red squares will show up on the screen for a limited period of time, contestants must then

try to locate where the squares were positioned.


ANOMALY: Contestant’s will have the numbers 1-9 projected in front of them for 5 seconds. Eight numbers appear twice but can they identify which number only appeared once.


CONFIGURATION: In front of the contestant a random number will appear in each of the 12 squares travelling in a clockwise direction, only visible for one second each. The CUBE will then give the contestant a number and they must identify which square had contained that number.


SEPARATE: The contestant has a box filled with red and white balls, within the time limit they will need to separate the colour and make sure they are in the right box!


EXPLOSION: Faced with a box full of red balls, the contestant must clear the box of all the balls in the time limit to succeed. Quick reactions are a must in this pressured challenge.


EQUILIBRIUM: Contestants must balance a weighted ball on one side of the circuit and roll it all the

way along to the other side.


EXCHANGE: With a box of white balls and a box full of red balls, the contestant needs to swap the balls

into the other box. Fast hands and keeping your cool is the key.


POISE: Four contestants have 30 seconds and must balance on one foot on a beam. Teamwork really

does make the dream work with this challenge.


TILT: For three contestant’s patience is the key as they must navigate a ball from start to finish without the ball dropping.


GRADIENT: After many different coloured balls are placed through piping, four contestants must work together to make the white ball fall into the cylinder.


BARRIER: Once blindfolded two contestants must climb over two separate barriers to succeed.


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