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TV Studio Experience Team Building Day For Hire

4hrs to 8hrs Activity - (suitable for 6 – 60 guests, Indoors)

Spend a day making a TV Programme… Want to know how a TV studio works? Fancy presenting a show? Want to direct? You reckon you can be good at camera work? Are you a leader and organise other people, then how about being the floor manager?

Unlike many film experiences this day is as near to real TV as you can get. Everybody gets involved and has a role to play. Like the professionals everything is time discipline.

Working in teams, you will get the chance to actually role-play as one or more of the following; Director, P.A, Vision Mixer, Studio Camera Operator; Sound Engineer; Vision Engineer; Presenter; Contributor, VT engineer, Autocue Operator, Floor Manager, Lighting Director etc.


You will experience a full day from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm making a TV programme in a studio. After a health and safety and activity introduction the guests are divided into teams of 4 they are shown around the studio, told what is where and who operates, then the fun starts! Teams role-play as production team, technical crew and presenters/actors (in vision). They are given a team quiz show format and this is followed by a shopping channel format show. If teams have their own ideas these can be accepted if appropriate and possible to do. All rehearsals and recordings are recorded and transferred to DVD, enabling the teams to have their own personal copy (usually sent out within 5 days).

Our facilitator Jeremy Gould is a former BBC lighting cameraman and ITV Head of film, PSC and Post-Production with over 30 years film and broadcast television experience. He has recently trained employees and students in the Far East for the Television Corporation of Singapore and in the Caribbean for Jamaica Television. Jeremy has extensive knowledge in all film and video equipment and procedures.

What’s Included

  • Tea, coffee & soft drinks
  • Studio hire and fees
  • Director, PA, Vision Mixer
  • Floor Manager, Presenter/Interviewer
  • Camera Operators, Sound/VT Operator
  • Insurance
  • DVD of the event

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