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Wacky Kart Races Build a Cart Team Building Days For Hire

1hr to 4hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests, Indoors or Outdoors)

Wacky ‘Kart’ Races is a thoroughly entertaining and rewarding team orientated event. The activity will begin with our race manager briefing teams on the days objectives. Teams will compete in challenges such as; ‘Hot Relay’ and ‘Mr Big’ to win fun money to build their kart. Your delegates will have to prove themselves by working together, successfully completing challenges, developing ideas to produce the best kart and by setting their sights on the ultimate goal… to be crowned ‘Wacky Racers World Champions!’

Example Itinerary

(Times and event duration can be flexible to suit your requirements)

7.30am - Firebird team arrive for installation of equipment.

8.45am - Installation of equipment completed and all Firebird instructors are briefed on health and safety issues.

9.00am - Firebird race manager gives an introduction and safety information over coffee. Delegates will be divided into their teams and introduced to the Firebird operators.

9.45am - Go-kart Familiarisation – Teams get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the karts and to build their team tent… not as simple as it may seem!

10.00am - The Hot Relay - Each team member will race around the track for the chance to win fun money.

10.30am - Mr Big (The Sponsor) - Teams will participate in the hunt for Mr Big... Each time a treasure hunt clue is answered the teams will be one step closer to finding the illusive sponsor and locating their sealed envelope which details what style the kart must be decorated (house, rocket, boat, racing car, helicopter etc).
11.30am - Budget and Design - Teams will visit the race shop to see what materials are available and budget for the cost of the build – negotiating skills may be required. Teams will now design their kart which will be judged on the following criteria; originality, aerodynamics, practicality, durability and last but not least beauty!

12.00am - The Build – Teams will put their designs into action and construct their karts.

12.30pm - The Parade - Karts will be taken out of the pits and onto the race track for a gentle peddle around the circuit for the judge’s parade.

1.00pm - The Wacky ‘Kart’ Race - With all karts decorated, let the Wacky Races begin! The teams will compete in a head to head race. Too slow and you won’t win anything… too reckless and you’re likely to be black flagged!

1.15pm - Debrief and awards ceremony to teams and individuals.

What Is Included

  • Firebird race manager.
  • Firebird operators.
  • Site preparation and technical coordination with venue staff.
  • Health and safety risk assessment and presentation of any health and safety reports.
  • Delivery, setting up, running and dismantling of equipment / services.
  • Individual and team prizes.

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