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Wall Street Team Building Activity

2 - 3 hour activity - (suitable for 10 – 250 guests, indoors)

Welcome to the ultimate trading game.

It’s noisy, fast and furious! This exciting teambuilding challenge will blow your teams  socks off!  BUY, SELL, BUILD and make loads of cash, is the aim of the day.

Carefully designed to test the most relevant business skills and build teamwork, Wall Street will have even the quietest members of your team frantically racing round negotiating deals, deducing strategies and trying to forecast the next market trend.

Teams will buy and sell shares at the most opportune moments in order to reap the highest financial benefit possible. Once guests start to make profit they can purchase building materials toconstruct a corporate tower to then sell for even more bucks. There are endless twist and turns to keep everyone on their toes; no tower is safe until the final trading bell rings!


The Trading Floor

Dominated by giant trading screens our Wall St Brokers, boom out deals and gesticulate wildly from trading platforms, offering the noise, buzz and excitement of a Wall St trading floor. Market news flashes change the BUY and SELL share prices, so your runners will need to keep their eye on the screens for your traders to buy andsell at just the right moment.


The Commodities Desk

Anticipate the rise and fall in the commodity market and buy building materials at exactly the right time. Negotiate to get your materials at a good price. You’ll need your regulations in place, or the surveyor will give you a hefty fine.


The Winners

It’s all about the money! Property will be sold off at £p/cm and added to the share values.  The team with the most profit will be crowned the WOLVES OF WALL STREET!


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