Virtual Away Day Team Event

Our Virtual Away Day is a fast paced interactive activity which has guests working together to navigate a board game and be the fastest to answer questions and beat challenges.

Once participants join they will be greeted by our lively and engaging host who will brief guests on the activity. They will then be split off into breakout rooms which will form their teams.

With 20 challenges to complete, guests will feel the pressure to work quickly against the clock and race to the end. Get as many points as you can in the time given. The questions and puzzles will test participants general knowledge and problem solving, while the group element will encourage communication and collaboration.

We all know the most exciting part of any competitive challenge is to win! For an added competitive element check in with the live score board to see where you are ranked against the other teams and give your team the boost they need to keep going.

Once the time is up teams will be whisked back to the main room to find out who will be named the winner!


PDF Our Virtual Away Day Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.