Virtual - It's Not Just a Question of Sport

Try as you may, you won’t find a more fun or fast paced sporting quiz. Interactive and entertaining, it ‘covers all bases’.

Hosted over Zoom and using the breakout functionality, guests will be split into teams and will compete to be named Ultimate Sports Champions!

This activity is extremely flexible and rounds can be decided on to meet the needs of your event, taking into account group size and timings. Along with various sport trivia rounds, bonus rounds can include…

What Happens Next?

Teams must correctly identify what happens next in some unexpected sport scenarios

Picture Board

Teams study the picture and name the sporting star / team / event

Sporting Trivia

General Knowledge sporting knowledge questions from across the era’s

Name the Team

Teams must identify the team from their badge


PDF Our It's not Just a Question of Sport Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.