Keelan Leyser - Digital Illusionist

Keelan Leyser - Virtual Magician & Digital illusionist

Digital Magician and Illusionist Keelan Leyser has entertained millions around the world with his own brand of Digital Technology Magic and most notably his very own iPad Magic!

With current social distancing measures in place virtual entertainment has become extremely popular throughout the world so Keelan decided to create an amazing online magic show using video conferencing software for breathtaking interactive magic and mind reading.

The online virtual show runs for between 15 to 50 minutes and comprises of interactive magic and mentalism routines where your guest's minds are read through their screens. This is not like watching a magician or mind reader on TV or Youtube, imagine a Facetime or Skype call where you are having a conversation with a magician in real time whilst they are reading your mind…

Options & Costs

Option 1:  Up to 15 minute magic and mind reading show

Option 2:  Up to 20 – 35 minute magic and mind reading show

Option 3:  Up to 40 – 50 minute magic and mind reading show


PDF Our Keelan Leyser Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.