Kokedama Making Virtual Activity

The Japanese word Kokedama literally means “moss ball” and is a ball of soil, covered   with   moss,   in   which   an   ornamental   plant   grows.   This   ancient Japanese art  from is  still very popular  in  Japanese gardens  today, as  well  as being the newest botanical craze to sweep the planet!

We’ll  post  out  kits  in  advance  of  the  activity  containing  tropical  plants,  soil, moss  and  string.  Hosted  by  our  expert  gardener  in  the  virtual  Zen  garden, guests  will  be  given  a  demonstration  on  traditional  planting  and  wrapping techniques and how to mix “poor man’s bonsai” soil!

Guests  then  get  their  hands  dirty  mixing  their  soil,  applying  their  moss  and wrapping their kokedama.

Kokedama  can  either  be  displayed  on  an  ornamental  plate  or  strung  up  for added kokedama drama!  We’ll teach guests how to make a macrame string cradle to sit their kokedama in and guests will make different projects so they can try out different plants, techniques and display options.

Not  only  do  kokedama  look  stunning  but  they  are  also  wonderfully  low maintenance! We’ll give advice on how to care for them so that even the self- confessed  plant  killers  can  get  theirs  to  thrive!  At  the  end  of  the  activity, guests will have beautiful, unique plant arrangements to give as gifts or bring a bit of nature indoors.


PDF Download our Kokedama Making Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.