Virtual Let’s Get Quizzical

Give your team a well deserved boost with our action-packed Team Quiz! Do not fear, this isn’t just your average quiz - our mix of trivia challenges and fun, creative tasks ensures there’s something for everyone and most importantly allows people to participate from the office or home, in person or virtually - everyone can join the fun! Made up of three interactive rounds, our Let’s Get Quizzical team quiz has been designed to keep teams connected and engaged and encourages participants to let their hair down and have a  laugh. It's the perfect interactive activity if working remotely.

Following an upbeat virtual briefing from one of our fabulous presenters, Round One has each team of 4-6 people working together, whether in person or virtually, through a video call. A bonus round follows back in the main meeting room. This is a hands-on, creative photo task for which each player will individually score points for their submission which will count towards their team’s final score.

Round Two brings the ‘Picture Round’, where players will be shown a series of images on screen by the presenter. They will be asked a question about the image, which they will need to answer through the app before time runs out! Once again, for this round each player will be working individually to add to their team’s point tally. After Round Two, everyone will be sent back into their team rooms to work on another creative video challenge, this time to be completed as a team.

The third and final round provides a quick-fire finale, where teams will be against the clock to complete as many questions as possible before the timer hits zero.


PDF Download our Let's Get Quizzical Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.