Virtual Mandala Drawing

Guests join our expert art tutor in the virtual Zen studio.

The literal meaning of the word Mandala is “circle” and they are often used in meditation, mindfulness and yoga, signifying the universe, wholeness and a sacred space to focus attention and shut away external influences.

This artistic, practical workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. Kits will be posted in advance of the event containing everything needed such as paper, pencils, pens and colouring pencils. All guests need to do in advance is to raid their cupboards and find three round objects to draw around. Ideally they will be approx. 6cm, 12cm and 18cm diameter, or thereabouts, and can be plates, cups, jar lids, saucepan lids, coasters etc.

Guests will be guided at each step to create a basic template for a mandala. Once the fundamentals are in place each person will then have the freedom to create their own artwork, with tips from our instructor, and show their individual flair by adding embellishments and colour.

Mandala drawing is the perfect balance between structured, technical drawing mixed with creative, freestyle flair so there is something for everyone and anyone can do it (even if they think they can’t draw.) It’s amazing to see the different art works created by different people using the same template!

At the end of the activity, guests can then chose to show their works of art and, as an optional competitive element, we can judge a winner and send out a prize in the post.


PDF Our Mandala Drawing Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.