Virtual Murder Mystery With Live Actors

Our Virtual Murder Mystery combines the best parts of a live theatre experience; whilst also offering guests the chance to interact with each other and our actors.  Our interactive show is carefully constructed to be wildly entertaining and we promise that every guest will find themselves unable to resist playing detective. 

We offer you inter-active entertainment that is perfectly performed and suitable for all types of virtual corporate events and parties. Our unique, entertaining and hilarious performances have been carefully put together to allow guests to take part in their own homes using the popular Zoom video conferencing software.  Usually unfolding over 1.5 to 2 hours; your guests would be the key witnesses to a brutal murder and must attempt to discover the guilty party. Using live West End actors and a brilliant script – this is virtual entertainment perfect for any occasion.

Guests will be split into teams to work together as they watch the action unfold in the main room whilst intermittently being placed in “interrogation” rooms to interact directly with the suspects and their team.  Our Technical Team cleverly control the action behind the scenes; ensuring a seamless experience for guests.  Themed invitations are sent out to guests in advance with a detailed explanation of how everything works as well as a beautifully presented “Clue Pack” containing information on each of the characters involved in the mystery.  Teams will need to work together to solve the murder; offering up a collective answer towards the end of the session.  After a dramatic conclusion a winning team is announced and prizes can be arranged on request.

We use a minimum of four actors for a performance although we do recommend using our full cast of six. A performance would typically last between 1.5 and 2 hours.

4 Actors: minimum guest numbers: 6 & maximum guest numbers: 40 people   

5 Actors: minimum guest numbers: 6 & maximum guest numbers: 70 people   

6 Actors: minimum guest numbers: 6 & maximum guest numbers: 100 people


PDF Download our Murder Mystery (Digital) Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.