Spring Wreath Making Virtual Activity

An online workshop where guests make beautiful living spring wreaths

Wreaths  aren’t  just  for  Christmas!  They  symbolise  the  circle  of  eternal  life  and  are  a celebration of all seasons. Guests will learn to make a beautiful living wreath, for spring or Easter, using seasonal spring bulbs.

Our spring wreaths are a step up from the Christmas variety because they are alive! With fresh   spring   bulbs   actually   planted   within   the   wreath,   these   beautiful    planted arrangements will last for weeks, with different flowers blooming at different times. Our favourite part of spring is to see the different spring flowers coming and going and now we can experience it all on our door step!

We’ll post out kits in advance of the activity containing wreath rings, fresh seasonal bulbs, foliage  and  floristry  wire.  Everything  that  is  needed  will  be  supplied  but,  as  a  bonus activity, guests are also welcome to go foraging for extra foliage!

Hosted  by  our  expert  florist,  guests  will  be  guided  through  each  step  from  making  the moss  base,  planting  the  bulbs  within  the  wreath,  adding  foliage  and  decorations  and maintaining the living wreath (it’s alive, don’t forget to water it!)

At the end of the activity, guests will have a living floral wreath, suitable for inside and out, to hang on the door, display in the garden, use as an Easter table centre or give away as a gift.

When the bulbs are finished on the wreath, you can plant them in the garden for next year and the moss base can be recycled and used again for seasonal wreaths all year round!


PDF Download our Spring Wreath Making Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.