Virtual Gin Tasting

This truly unique way of experiencing Gin is a must for the Gin lover. 

Fully immersive, this programme will take you from 1100 (that’s the year, not the time) to the present day in an hour. But, fear not, they’ll be plenty of stops along the Gin highway for sampling!

Apart from the chance to taste several examples of Gin taken from all over world, we will demonstrate both classic and modern ways to serve it, be it the perfect G&T, a classic Gin Martini or a modern Gin Cocktail.

To ensure you’ve learned all we can teach you, you’ll be set a range of tasks - we’ll put your taste buds to the test & have a Gin trivia quiz running between samples.

If you’re not the biggest Gin drinker, or concerned one of your group may not be, we have enough treats to keep them interested, and after this event, they may well become a fan!

All gins and a tonic will be sent out to participants prior to the events date so you won't need to provide anything additional to participate other than the glass of course!  

The 5 gins we generally recommend are: an industry standard London Dry Gin, high end London Dry Gin, an 'Old Tom’ Gin (sweeter than London Dry Gin), an international Gin with  bespoke botanicals and a flavoured Gin.

Activity Overview…

  • Making the perfect G&T
  • The origin of Gin
  • How Gin shaped England
  • How Gin is made and drank
  • Different ways to enjoy Gin
  • Sampling 5 gins, tasting notes & quiz


PDF Our Gin Tasting Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.