Virtual Quiz Mania

Designed to run over Zoom, our Virtual Quiz Mania brings people together, not only challenging their general knowledge but also their communication and teamwork.

With 6 rounds, groups will be faced with questions on general knowledge, movies, music and sport, also having their observation skills tested along the way. If appropriate, we can include a “Corporate” round into the quiz for an additional cost, all we would need from you is a list of 10 multiple choice questions and answers relating to your Company.

The activity is simple and easy for guests to participate in. Guests will receive a joining email prior to the event date with all of the details needed. They will then be greeted by a Firebird host who will lead them through the quiz and keep everyone up to date with the questions, answers and scores. Breakout rooms will be used to give teams the chance to talk through the questions and input their answers.

PDF Our Quiz Mania Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.