Virtual Rhythm Musical Online Team Event

Jump in, be brave and embrace something new!

Experience the fun, connectivity and challenge, of team drumming, junk percussion or boom whackers in the virtual world.  You can create a totally positive team experience with your colleagues, from the comfort of your own homes. We can bring a non-stop blast of fun and musical energy to any size group.  You and all your colleagues will have such fun, engaging with each other and the music, performing together and creating one unified vision. You are going to be challenged physically whilst at the same time, having a hilarious time watching and being watched by your colleagues.

Hosted by our globally recognised Firebird rhythm facilitator, your team will be captivated as they all play their given parts over several non-stop famous pop and dance hits. Participants will arrive on zoom to be greeted by our facilitator. After a very short introduction, we will be ready to engage you all with a fun rhythm-filled warm up. Once you have your drum, or home utensils, we are ready for off!  You can all choose from 2 or 3 rhythm parts to own and get confident with.

We go through mini rhythm games and fun challenges, to get your reaction skills up and you will quickly develop and become synchronised with each other and the facilitator. You can see all your colleagues having fun and joining in with the beat. We ultimately create an introduction section, a middle section and a grand finale.

But along the way, we can spotlight, encourage and teach individuals, showing them how to improve their own skills and take over conducting the group themselves, with a few fun leadership challenges along the way, to create a fun, interactive, competitive event

Notes & Options

Junk Percussion: Participants use their own home kitchen utensils

Boomwhackers: We post each participant two 30cm -90cm boomwhackers

Drumming: We post each participant a 50cm fair trade hand painted Djembe drum


PDF Download our Virtual Rhythm Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.