Chris Cox Mind Reader and Magic Virtual Show

Want a truly interactive, fun, mind blowing and incredible virtual experience? Then you want ‘Chris Cox Is Virtually In Your Mind’ an interactive mind reading and magic show from celebrity mind reader, Broadway, West End and BBC TV Star Chris Cox. 

From Broadway, London’s West End and Sydney Opera House to YOUR house. ‘Chris Cox Is Virtually In Your Mind’ is designed to fill you with mind blowing magic and bring you together even though you’re apart. 

Chris has performed live to over 750,000 people and over the last few months has been bringing his talents into your homes working for the likes of Hasbro, Salesforce and Aviva to engage, entertain and amaze their colleagues and clients. 

This is digital entertainment like no other, full of fun, engagement, interactivity and amazement. There’s a reason why The Guardian have called him “one of the most exciting entertainers in Britain,” and The Daily Telegraph say that his Zoom show is “Fun, West End level mind reading that left me blissfully bamboozled throughout.”

Chris is a hugely entertaining critically acclaimed performer who involves everyone in his interactive digital entertainment mind reading show. He’ll make you laugh, cheer and be utterly amazed from your home or work place. 

He can not only just provide mind-reading entertainment but also performs flexible keynotes to empower you team and host virtual awards with added mind-reading fun!  

If you’re looking for the perfect interactive entertainment for a zoom meeting then Chris Cox’s mind reading magic show is the thing for you. 


It’s Magic Option

Chris’ classic 20 minute virtual show, full of mind reading, laughs and plenty of audience participation.

It’s Amazing Option

Chris’ classic 30 minute virtual show which includes a personalised magical effect which believe it or not, will happen in the hands of every single person watching, wherever they are in the world! A truly magical moment!

It’s Mind Blowing Option

A customised and bespoke 30 minute show which will not only blow everyone away with a personalised magical effect which happens in the hands of every single person watching but also includes bespoke effects designed just for you, featuring your logo, company values and any messages you’d like to get across


PDF Download our Chris Cox Mind Reader & Magician Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.