Create a Music Virtual Video

With music at the heart of our traditional team building activities, we have developed an exciting, music-based team building activity for virtual teams, that generates the same levels of excitement, motivation and interaction.

In our company music video activity, your team will create a dazzling music video of a famous pop song, which combines of all your teams’ effortsedited together to make a finished music spectacular. This virtual activity is not about singing ability or remembering the words; it’s about trying something totally new together, to show just what can be achieved by team work.  Different departments, teams or regions can compete in a huge company music video competition! Groups of between 10 and 30 participants can all contribute at one time. 

Firstly, we host an energising virtual meeting in which the teams are given their challenges to become instant pop icons, with hints and tips from the performance world. Individuals will then film a small segment of a famous pop song on their phone or tablet. We strongly advise dancing, props and rock star costumesWe then quickly edit all the recorded segments together to create one amazing music video for each team.

From the gregarious who want to shineto others who are happier just being part of a group chorus, prepare to see and hear your work colleagues having fun as never before! With so many different aspects to consider, there’s always something for everyone. 

There are many famous songs to choose from and you can have minutes, hours or even days to record in your own time, before sending your homemade videos back to us via Dropbox. Why not make it even more bespoke by your team rewriting the lyrics to suit the company? This could even expand into creating a band name, album cover and clothing.

During this virtual team building event, we will have technical support on hand at all times to advise and help participants, with performance tips and guidance on how to receive or send recordings. It’s all made incredibly easy.


PDF Download our Create a Music Virtual Video Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.