James Phelan Virtual Magician

Following his sell out tour, the viral sensation James Phelan brings you his new smash-hit magical virtual  show. Described as extraordinary by The Mirror and as legendary by The Sun,

this show is both jaw dropping and laugh out loud funny. The nephew of the late and sorely missed Paul Daniels, James presents his night of hilarious,  mind blowing magic, in a show where anything can happen and often does. “Troublemaker” is a  mind-blowing, jaw-dropping roller-coaster of magical hilarity . The show has a professional studio set-up with high end lighting, elegant back-drop and BBC broadcast quality microphones, the show will include some or all of the following:

1. Countdown, welcome to the show. (theatrical voice, counting me in  and welcoming audience).

2. Introduction to me, teach them how to applaud - set them up for great reactions / fun time

3a. Get someone to think of a secret thought - and not tell anyone

4. Phone number - person A uses the calculator on their phone and types in random numbers - person B rings the number that pops up - my phone rings here and I answer it.

5. Everyone choses a card, and no matter how they try to ruin it, they will all think of the same one. 

6. @ Home Hypno - pseudo hypnosis style tricks from afar - sticking peoples' hands to their heads and making them forget their own names over Zoom. 

7. Genuine world record attempt using Mathemagics and mind tricks - utilise the audience to time it. Build up tension and get whole audience involved

8. Mind read someone's thought of word, favourite song, favourite film, star sign characteristics (or whatever I feel is appropriate).

3b. Finale - turn behind me to the bookshelf, take a special book off it, open it and reveal secret thought from 3a. 

James also presents “Trickster: Live”, the BBC’s ground breaking new radio magic show. This is the UK’s  first flagship radio magic show since the 50’s. He will also present moments from his upcoming TV show  “Celebrity Troublemaking”, using magic to get into the minds and behind the scenes, of the lives of some of our national treasures.


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