Mystery Mixtape, Virtual Live Music Quiz

Do you need something fresh and fun to try?

Then let us introduce you to our “Mystery Mixtape”! Part Musical Performance, part Game Show, this is a Quiz like no other! Mystery Mixtape is a unique online entertainment experience. It is a virtual live music quiz conducted by our charismatic musician with questions for all ages, audiences and tastes. With rounds such as "Lyric Splice", "Big Theme Mashups" and "Kazoozies at The Movies", your guests will be taken on a highly engaging and interactive musical journey.

Quizmaster, musician and compere Jay has used the shift into virtual events to embrace his inner tech geek and has developed a totally unique online web application which allows participants enter their answers into an online form.This is supported on all video conferencing software.

At the end of the quiz, the results are fed back into the Quiz, so we can display the final scores as the last part of the show.Constant interaction with the call's chat window and bonus rounds such as 'Fastest Finger First' and 'Spotlight Solo' ensure a genuinely two-way experience for all involved. The show can also be completely customised and branded to suit a particular client or event.


PDF Download our Mystery Mixtape Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.