Virtual Wellness & Mindfulness Activities

Our virtual webinars explore a range of topics key to good health and are customized to accommodate new ways of working due to Covid19 restrictions. They offer employers a great way to connect with employees at this difficult time and offer support including ideas around: Productivity and energy and reducing sickness - Supporting good mental health and managing stress and anxiety - Helping build stamina, resilience and good gut health with nutritional advice - Assisting with good sleep hygiene and practices to improve productivity and support mental health.

Wellness Sessions - 60 minute session on 1 of the below topics:

·         Managing work life balance

·         The conscious guide to stress

·         Personal wellbeing and self compassion

·         Neuroplasticity and happiness

·         Digital wellbeing through lockdown and beyond

·         Navigating change and uncertainty

·         Mindfulness 101

·         Mindfulness embedding your practice


Stress and Health – 60 minute session on 1 of the below topics:

·         Stress & Health – nutrition to combat anxiety

·         Stress & Health- digestion

·         A healthy perspective on healthy eating

·         The sleep and mental health connection

·         Change your lifestyle

PDF Download our Virtual Wellness & Mindfulness Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.