Ed Hailwood Vocal Performer For Hire

Ed Hailwood is a first class standards singer and has developed a unique vocal blend of the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble and other classic soul and popular influences making him an ideal choice as a vocal performer for any function. Ed has had a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry and has now gone solo to follow his musical passion.

Ed was born in Southampton, England. His father played guitar and as a little boy Ed always longed to learn to play and sing along. When the Beatles arrived, Ed got a guitar for Christmas and from that moment he was hooked. 

Ed has never forgotten the feeling of listening to his first Frank Sinatra record, the Songs For Swinging Lovers album, while visiting a next door neighbor: “I was simply mesmerized by his voice.” Ed saw his first big band, The Eric Winstone Band, at Butlins, Bogor in 1964. He later described this as another pivotal moment in his musical taste and style: “Boy what an awakening to a new sound that was.” 

For the last forty years Ed has been playing in groups and selling guitars and drums in his own music store. At sixty, the time has come for Ed to pursue his dream and make it as a vocal performer. 

In business Ed Hailwood learned that everything should have a unique aspect. In retail it’s called a USP – Unique Selling Proposition. Ed’s USP is years of playing all kinds of music to all kinds of audiences, blended with a whole new repertoire of songs from the American songbook. In terms of sound it’s a mix of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Mel Torme and Sammy Davis Jr. with a touch of Elvis and the Beatles creating a rock & roll edge. Ed’s treatment of these songs gives a punchy, individual and modern feel. But aside from all this, Ed has a burning passion for the genre, as each performance continues to testify.