Tommy Baker Basketball Spinner and Freestyler For Hire

Tommy Baker is a professional Sports Entertainer. He performs a world class basketball freestyle show using up to 3 full size basketballs. The tricks and skills that Tommy performs in his show have literally rewritten what is humanly possible using basketballs. Performing the most technical basketball routines ever seen, along with audience participation, Tommy has a lasting impact on his audience's imagination. Tommy performs locally and internationally for corporate events, product launches, store promotions, half-time shows, festivals, parties and TV commercials. He has recently toured with the Extreme Sports TV Channel performing his freestyle show for the Streetball Extreme team at a number of cities all over Europe.

World Records

Tommy is a regular feature in the Guinness World Records. He features in the 2003, 2004 & 2006 editions of the Guinness World Records book. He was initially invited to set the world record for spinning a football on his forehead for the longest time. Tommy set the record at 9.5 seconds on the Guinness World Record television show in Finland. A month later he was invited to break this record on the Swedish Guinness World Record television show. He set a new record at 11.9 seconds. In 2004, Guinness invited Tommy to Gateshead, England to make another attempt at his record. He was able to edge his new record to 12.9 seconds. Tommy's latest attempt at his record was to be the main feature at the Bravo TV Football Italia opening evening at Grosvenor Place, London in 2005. The current world record now stands at 15.19 seconds, which will be featured in the 2007 edition.


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