Old Men Grooving Britain’s Got Talent For Hire

Old Men Grooving consists of 5 friends: David, Patrick, Fred, Bret and Phil.  They formed the group in December 2014 to take part in an online advert for Sainsbury’s Christmas jumpers and were encouraged to take part in Britain’s Got Talent.

They were a massive hit and were the only contestants in the show to receive a standing ovation in all 3 rounds! They became an internet sensation overnight gaining 15 million YouTube hits in one week and they now have over 44 million hits worldwide. They said that by going on Britain’s Got Talent, they hoped to prove that “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always feel the groove. ”Their performance in the finale of BGT gained them 4th place and Simon Cowell commented that “A lot of dance acts I get bored rigid by, but I could watch you guys all night - age is nothing but a number”. David Walliams also praised them as they had “made Dad dancing cool!” Since finishing Britain’s Got Talent the group have been all over the country and have travelled abroad to perform at weddings, parties, concerts and corporate events.

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