Twist And Pulse Britain's Got Talent Act For Hire

BRIT school graduates and Britain's Got Talent runners up Twist and Pulse have toured the UK and Ireland extensively performing to over 1,000,000 people. Most recently since their audition, they returned to our screens as mentors and choreographers of their own dance company Twist (Ashley Glazebrook) and Pulse (Glen Murphy) met at The Brit School of Performing Arts & Technology.

Born and bred South Londoners, they have quickly become role models for young people around the UK today. They provide the perfect antidote to the social issues facing young people today providing purpose and motivation at difficult times. After the youth riots in the summer of 2011, Ash and Glen have become even more determined to work with young people. "We love seeing kids getting into dancing. We just want to teach them everything we know and pass on all our passion! We want to show kids that you can come from nothing and make it with hard work and a dream."

Twist and pulse use a vast variety of movement and dance styles within their urban routines, but their biggest inspiration for what they do with their dance, comes from the music they use. Varying from Hip hop, Dubstep, Grime, Bashment, Soca, afro beats, pop, R&B, dancehall, reggae, garage and many more, Twist and pulse's diverse range of musical accompaniment allows them to really dive deep into the different cultures and movement used within these styles of music and put their own "Twist" on it.

Music is the key cactus when creating their street dance routines. The more genres they use help them to reach out to a wider range of ages and nationality's, allowing everyone to feel a part of the performance. Music is global and is forever evolving and with this, Twist and pulse make sure they are on top of the ever-changing industry so they don't fall behind with the latest craze. Their passion for sound and rhythm’s enables them to understand the use of vocals or different instruments within music from around the world and express how that particular sound makes them feel. The use of Audio and sound effects helps them to emphasize key moves within their routines and to give a movie style effect when performing.

Dance styles like music are always changing and new ones are appearing. Twist and pulse founded their style "Streetomedy" a blend of street dance a comedy so that they could express their passion, show their personality and use the styles of dance they love the most, Ranging from Popping and waving to Bashment and Azonto. New dance crazes follow up from new chart hits such as soulja boy's superman, Harlem shake and Phys Gangnam style. These routines are learnt by family’s and enjoyed by people all over the world for their fun high energy element, a key part of what Twist and pulse merge into their super fast paces high impact routines.


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