Tony Rae Hypnotic Show For Hire

The mind is thought to be the seat of perception, self-consciousness, thinking, believing, remembering, wanting, hoping, desiring, willing, judging, analyzing, evaluating and reasoning.

In the early 1970's TONY RAE was a musician and having toured the country with a hypnotist, he became interested in the wide range of benefits hypnosis could bring.

Training & Experience

He attended a two-year course on hypnosis and developed his technique. Within a matter of months he earned himself a fine reputation using his skill for therapeutic purposes. This was then extended to after dinner and motivational speaking.


TONY RAE is in great demand for corporate events at The Grosvenor House and Hilton in London, to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He has even performed as an unusual after dinner speaker for Manchester United Football Club. Chairman of the British Council of Professional Hypnotists since 1995, Tony Rae is an effective and professional example of all those who aspire to master the art of hypnosis. TV appearances have included; This Morning, Richard & Judy and Kilroy. 

"The funniest thing I've ever seen" Avamore Catering

The Show

People will talk about the show long after the event, not so much because of the Hypnotist himself, but because of the members of the audience who participate, i. e. the Hypnotic Subjects. People will reminisce about "the time I was hypnotised..." "that time my friend was under hypnosis, I'll never forget it... "the funniest thing I've ever seen..." Naturally, the hypnotic subjects are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect - their health and safety is paramount at all times.

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