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Bill Lovegrove

Production Manager

What does your role entail?
As Production Manager I spend most of my time managing the team onsite at events. I am often behind the control desk, working with our clients on their presentations. Most importantly, I am also Head Chef at Firebird’s annual summer BBQ!

Who would you like to meet?
I think Thierry Henry or David Beckham. I wouldn’t mind knowing what’s going on in Kanye West’s head too!!

What do you love most about working at Firebird?
Visiting nice hotels, the food and the travelling.

Where is the favourite place you have travelled to?
Vegas for fun! Greece to chill…

What is your favourite venue to work at and why?
I love The Grove, because it’s in my name!!

How would your friends describe you?
The Agitator!

What do you do in your spare time?
The three F’s- Family, friends and football.

Five words to describe what Bill brings to the team:
Honesty, commitment, experience, friendliness and fun!