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Rachael McKenna

Event Manager / Administrator

Rachael takes care of all the administration here at Firebird, which as you can imagine is a very busy and essential role. Rachael’s extremely bubbly and friendly voice is very often who you are greeted with when calling us too! She is our ‘chief tea maker’, which is a task that she takes very seriously!! She just LOVES tea and even had a sugar work tea cup and biscuits as a feature on her own wedding cake!

Why do you love working in events?
No event is ever the same! Knowing that you have helped clients create their vision and made their ideas become a reality is such a lovely feeling. The positive feedback that you receive at the end of an event really gives you that ‘buzz’ and wants you to strive for that on every event.

Describe your personality in three words?
Caring, organised and polite.

Where have you worked previously?
I have previously worked as a Receptionist at Tylney Hall, I was then an Events Co-ordinator at Coworth Park, where I then moved to Aviator and became their Wedding Co-ordinator. Firebird works closely with these venues, so it’s great that I can bring my knowledge of the venues to my current role.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I love to bake and decorate cakes. I mainly create family birthday cakes – if I hadn’t gone into events I would have loved to open a cake shop!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Everything happens for a reason! If it is meant to be… it will be! Very cliché, but I do think that this is very true!

Are you a morning or evening person?
I am definitely a morning person, up bright and early! I think I am awake early, as I am already looking forward to my next meal. The downside is that I am not much of a party animal as I am ready for my bed so early!!

Where is the favourite place you have travelled to?
New Zealand… The best holiday I have ever been on! Even the flights with a 4 year old was an experience! If you get me talking about it I won’t stop!

A proper cup of tea with a nice slice of cake… Ideally one of Phoebe’s amazing flapjacks or Kirsty’s incredible mint chocolate shortbreads! Oh and Christmas!

What is your most prized possession?
The kettle…. I dread to think how many times it is put on in a day!

Favourite event:
Our 21st Birthday Party!! No one can throw a Party like Firebird Events!

What do you love most about working at Firebird?
It’s like having an extended family!

Five words to describe Rachael’s team presence…
Friendly, organised, witty, upbeat and helpful.