James Bond SAS Stunt Show For Hire


At the start of the evening the guests are met by two SAS security guards dressed in black siege gear. They can use personal radios to occasionally check people's credentials with company staff or they can be purely visual and have no interaction with the guests. This introduces the guests to the feel of the event and gets them firmly into the ‘Bond’ theme.

During the MDs speech there is a disturbance off stage and an approaching helicopter is heard (from a PA) which hovers overhead briefly. It’s followed by an audio explosion and security breach sirens go off. Suddenly, masked Spectre agents burst into the room and immediately take control. After securing the room, they inform their HQ that all is prepared and Dr Evil enters to his theme tune. Dr Evil slowly walks past the guests with an occasional sinister glance towards various tables. He takes the stage and is just starting his dialogue when a disturbance is seen/heard at the far end of the room. A black clad SAS commando enters the room and immediately engages the Spectre agents in a fire-fight, which is only stopped when Dr Evil threatens to shoot into the audience and the SAS commando gives up.

After brief verbal interaction between Dr Evil and the SAS trooper, he is grabbed by the two henchmen, and a fast and furious SAS vs. Spectre agents fight breaks out, with plenty of martial arts style fighting, flips and kicks etc. The Spectre agents are outclassed by the standard of the British army. The SAS trooper attempts to get to Dr Evil on stage and gets shot, but not killed, by the evil villain on approach. Dr Evil is unhappy with this result and so with a click of his fingers, he calls for his ‘Pet’, a shapely PVC suited brunette, who walks provocatively through the audience to the sound of her own music. After eyeing up the SAS agent, she engages him in a fight and after a series of stunning moves, he is left at her mercy. Dr Evil then explains why they are there and launches into a speech which has been especially written to suit the company for whom the event is staged. This will involve many references to the company, its products, its personnel and its rivals, but will usually refer to one key person who has in some way refused to bow to the demands of Dr Evil. Due to this refusal the command is given to “waste him”.

This is the cue for the entrance of Mr Bond, the Bond theme music is heard and Bond appears in a spotlight (freeze frame for a second). He then engages the Spectre agents in a stunning fire-fight and perhaps a fist fight, ending in all but Dr Evil and his pet dead. Dr Evil grabs the key person and attempts to leave with him, but he breaks free leaving a clear shot for Bond who kills Dr Evil with a single shot. The PVC girl now tries to seduce Bond who responds in an embrace that results with her being cleverly handcuffed and led away. Bond then introduces himself, declares that usually it’s for Queen and country but tonight it was for the client’s company.

PDF Our SAS Bond Stunt Show Brochure. A version with prices is available - please contact our sales team.