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You Bet, Team Building Activity For Hire

1.0hrs – 2.0 hrs activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 + guests)

A fun evening of lively competition where teams take part in a super interactive (and rather silly!) game show.

Our game show host will introduce each of the activities and call for volunteers to take part. Teams then place their bets on who they think will win before cheering for their favourite! Who can predict what hidden talents will be unleashed and which of your colleagues will excel in our wonderfully weird activities!!


Activities can include:

Wibbly Wobbly Chopstick Challenge - Participants compete to finish a bowl of jelly using chopsticks!

Uptown Trunk - Contestants wear a slinky on their heads and must swing their “trunks” elephant style onto their heads without it tipping over. The first person to achieve this is the winner.

Pig Racing – Teams bet on a mechanical pig race. The louder you cheer, the faster they go!

Fist of Fury - With a pedometer attached to their wrists, contestants record as many "fist pumps" as they can in a minute.

Egg Curling - Contestants attempt to move eggs into the target zone by fanning them with a pizza box.

Suck it and See - Contestants must separate different coloured sweets by sucking them onto a straw.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - Contestants wear a baseball cap with tea bags hanging from it. They must move their heads to flip the tea bags, so that all of them rest on the peak of the hat.

Ping Pong Plate Puff - Contestants have one plate with 5 pink ping pong balls and one with 5 orange ping pong balls. They must switch the different coloured balls onto the opposite plates by blowing them.

Super Ace Face Race - Contestants race to manoeuvre an After Eight mint from their foreheads into their mouths without using their hands (and before it melts!)

Flippin’ Brilliant! - Contestants compete in the ultimate beer mat flipping challenge.

Mallow Mouthful Marathon - Contestants compete to fit the most marshmallows in their mouth.

Crazy Cracker-Chew Challenge - Contestants race to eat 3 dry cream crackers


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