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Animate – Animation Team Building Activity

Creative and Artistic

Animate – Animation Team Building Activity

10 - 300

Guest Numbers

2 - 6 Hours






The sky is your creative limit...

Where imagination and cinematic technology meet… The challenge is for each team to create a short “Wallace and Gromit” style movie.

We provide iPads with fabulous ‘easy to use’ animate onion skinning technology, modelling clay, paint and canvasses. Our novice filmmakers instantly become script writers, set designers, model manipulators, camera operators and add in sound effects/music and lighting etc. There is a role for everyone

The mini-movies can have business or conference themes and are a unique platform to get participants thinking and analysing content together. Whether sticking to a company brief, or having no brief at all, the sky is your creative limit… The final result is a premiere of short film masterpieces edited together and shown on the same day, for guests to enjoy.

Each team will come up with their movie ideas (good, bad and silly), develop scenarios, collaborate, compromise and quickly agree on a plan moving forward. During this part of the challenge, guests get hands-on with writing a storyboard, testing filming ideas, building clay figures, researching music, painting sets and backdrops etc. It’s all hands on deck to start filming… With up to 12 shots a second of film, there is lots to do and learn, in creating smooth motion and fulfilling the brief. You will be amazed at the creativity and commitment teams employ during this session. There is always a huge BUZZ as groups will want to preen and perfect their productions up to the final seconds. We edit everyone’s mini films the SAME day (usually within an hour) and invite them back for a special premiere screening.

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