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Bath Bomb Making Workshop

Creative and Artistic

Bath Bomb Making Workshop

10 - 100

Guest Numbers

1 - 1.5 Hours






Bath bomb perfection...

A fun and practical workshop where guests make vegan bath bombs or shower steamers.

Bath bombs have exploded into our baths in the last few years. These fizzy little balls of joy have brought the fun back into bath time and are soothing, aromatic, vibrant, playful and cleansing!

Hosted by our expert, guests will be guided through each step. They will learn our tips and tricks to turn out perfect bath bombs and avoid common disasters!

Guests can choose their own colours, fragrances and moulds so everyone will create a set of bath bombs unique to them. For those who don’t have baths, or prefer to shower, the same recipes and techniques can be used to make shower steamers, or wardrobe fresheners.

At the end of the activity guests will take home a beautiful set of hand made bath bombs and the knowledge how to make more in the future.

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