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Antique Auction Evening Activity For Hire

2hrs Activity - (suitable for 16 – 80 guests, indoors - usually held over a meal)

Great evening entertainment, unrivalled networking and the opportunity to test your investment skills. Antiques Auction is an ideal activity to hold around your evening dinner. It provides a fantastic way for your team to just relax and enjoy themselves.

As your dinner guests have their pre-dinner drinks, they are greeted by our esteemed auctioneer and team. With catalogue in hand, your surprised guests can then chat with each other and view the auction lots situated around them. Before dinner and between courses, we auction off each of the items to the group. They all start off with a handsome credit balance to play with, so it’s not long before the arm chair experts, wine buffs and art critics are sucked into the bidding wars.

After the money is spent and the risky bids are all done, Miss Funnypenny (our accounts manager) will cook the books to find out which table bought the bargains and swerved the red herrings. Only one table can be victorious but it’s hilarious to find out the ridiculous over-spending from the others!

Debate, confirm or discard is the name of the game, keeping one eye on the credit and another on potential dodgy deals. Our Antiques Auction is specifically designed to add tremendous fun and excitement to your corporate dinner without disrupting the meal. It provides an ideal opportunity for people to get to know each other and to find mutual interests. Participants have a great time.

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