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Back to School Sports Day Team Event For Hire

If you’d like to recreate your school days, then this event is for you. Get reacquainted with your inner child and enjoy some seriously fun activities. Hosted by our very own Head Master, this amazing team building event is so much fun that ‘big kids’ won’t want to play truant!

As the bell rings for school, our Head Master will put everyone into teams and dole out the days table of ‘lessons.’ Teams will go head-to-head on various subjects and then it’s time for the Sports Day finale! Choose 8 activities from the list below, in addition to Sports Day!

These subjects can be ‘taught’ indoors or out:

  • English - Story time with a twist! One classmate must use binoculars to read out a Morse code story. The rest of the team must decipher the code to find out what happens next.
  • Music - Teams must collaborate to make ‘music’ with hand bells and boomwhackers.
  • History - Solve one of our medieval puzzles, such as constructing a real suit of armour. Half the team are instructors, whilst the other half are blindfolded builders.
  • Maths - You must work out our giant maths puzzle.
  • Textiles - Design and create a brand new school uniform.
  • Science - Solve our giant science puzzle.
  • Cycling Proficiency Test - Complete an obstacle course on miniature bikes! (On concrete/tarmac only, not grass.)

These are specifically indoor subjects:

  • Geography - Recreate a famous geographical landmark such as the Statue of Liberty, Tower Bridge or Eiffel Tower using only modelling balloons!
  • Art - Teams get creative in art class!
  • Home Economics - Decorate a cake that represents them as a team.

These are specifically outdoor activities:

  • PE - The high jump, but not as we know it! Teams must work together and co-ordinate their efforts in order to launch a life-size dummy high jumper over the bar!
  • Play Time - Complete a football match on space hoppers!
  • Sports Day (Zone or finale) – This fantastic finale sees teams battle it on the school playing field with popular activities such as the ‘egg and spoon’, ‘obstacle’ and ‘sack’ races!


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