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Challenge 100 Team Building Activity For Hire

2hrs to 3.5hrs Activity - (suitable for 10 – 300 guests - Indoors or Outdoors)

How many of the 100 challenges can your team complete within the time limit? It’s fast, it’s furious and there's no time for a tea break with Challenge 100.

Overview of Challenge 100

Can teams succeed in making a ten-foot putt, will they construct a six-foot paper giraffe and can they find their way through the maze? This event can be run almost anywhere and will definitely be thought provoking and demonstrate powers of deduction coupled with lots of ingenuity and thinking outside of the box!

Each team is issued with a pack that is split into three sections, easy, medium and difficult. Within each section there are varying creative tasks, team challenges, conundrums, construction and even digital photography! Teams complete the tasks and earn points as they go. But time is against them and a strategy is required to maximise earnings.


  • To test team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organisation, and leadership
  • To demonstrate that teamwork gets better results than working alone
  • To develop prioritisation and time management skills
  • To stimulate creative solutions
  • To improve negotiation skills


With more challenges than can be done within the time, will the team use their time and resources to the best of their advantage – of course they will…won’t they?

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