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Dragon Boat Racing Team Event

All  aboard!  An  excellent  exercise  in  team  building,  Dragon  Boating  is  a  fun  and exhilarating way to enjoy the great outdoors. Playing to each member’s individual strengths,   you   need   to   paddle   together   to   deliver   your   best   possible performance.

Resembling  a  longer  and  wider  canoe,  teams  must  synchronize  their  paddling  to  their drummer’s  beat,  whilst  our  Helm  at  the  rear,  steers  the  boat.  Our  small  30ft  boats  can accommodate  a  team  of  no  more  than  ten,  plus  a  drummer  and  our  Firebird  Helm. Groups of between 7 and 44 can all be on the water at the same time, taking in the local sights and racing the waters in head-to-head competitions.

If you’re catering for larger numbers, we can arrange a Dragon Boat Regatta, rotating up to 99 people at a time, allowing up to 600 people to participate in any given day. Thanks to the  colourful  boats  and  rhythmic  drums,  our  Dragon  Boat  Regatta  is  an  impressive  and exciting activity to watch, let alone take part in! With a minimum age of eight years old, this is an activity for all.

Suggested Venues:

Oakley  Court,  Windsor*,  Queens  Eyot near  Windsor,  Dorney  Lake,  Riverside  Marquee  Bray,  Crowne  Plaza, Marlow*  (lake  hired  from  the water-ski club next door), Culden Faw near Henley, Runnymede (Dragon boat river trips only due to proximity of the weir), Compleat Angler Marlow (Dragon boat river trips only due to proximity of the weir), Phyllis Court Club, Henley (not during Henley Regatta or  its build up), Stratford upon Avon Rowing Club, Luton Hoo, Amber Lakes, Wraysbury, Great House, Sonning (Dragon boat river trips only), Bisham Abbey (Drumming not permitted & PA system also not permitted), Loughborough Boat Club, Royal Docks Adventure (London Regatta Centre)

*Pontoons possibly required depending on activity & numbers (additional charge)


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