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Its Not Just a Question of Sport Question of Sport Night For Hire

1 - 2 Hours Activity - (suitable for 10 – 200 guests - indoors - usually held over a meal)

“A Question of Sport” meets “They Think it’s All Over” in our super sports themed game show!

With help from our very own sporting personality, teams battle it out between dinner courses to be named Ultimate Sports Champions! ‘Try’ as you may, you won’t find a more fun or fast paced sporting quiz. Interactive and entertaining, it ‘covers all bases’. With 8 rounds of mental and physical quizzes, questions and challenges, there’s something for everybody.

Rounds can include…

  • Round 1 – Home or Away Trivia Round - Teams show their sports knowledge by answering our trivia questions.
  • Round 2 – Picture Round - We’ll gradually uncover a picture of a famous sports’ personality. The quicker teams identify the celebrity, the more points they will earn.
  • Round 3 –What Happens Next? - Teams must correctly what happens next in some unexpected sport scenarios.
  • Round 4 – National Anthems - Teams must identify the country from its National Anthem.
  • Round 5 – Observation Round - Teams are shown a famous sport clip and must answer questions on what they’ve seen and heard.
  • Round 6 – Golf Challenge - Volunteers compete in our golf putting challenge
  • Round 7 – Pig Racing - Just like horse racing but…piggier! Each team will bet on a pig they think will be the winner. The louder you cheer the faster they go!
  • Round 8 – Fist of Fury - Volunteers compete to achieve the most fist pumps in one minute!


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